February 9, 2018 • Ability Ally Training
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Ability Ally Training

Ability Allies are a network of faculty, staff and students who take a visible role in promoting disability awareness, supporting persons with disabilities, and maintaining resources for working with people with disabilities.

Ability Ally Training strives to shape student, faculty, staff, and administrators' perspectives by:

  • Focusing on ability versus disability
  • Demonstrating similarities rather than differences
  • Identifying personal stereotypes, myths, and beliefs that shape personal perceptions
  • Demonstrating appropriate language and terminology for discussing disabilities and resources
  • Offering an authentic view into the lives of students with disabilities through student testimonials
  • Providing an opportunity to discuss disability in a non-judgmental and safe environment
  • Allowing an open forum for questions and concerns working and interacting with individuals with disabilities

Upon completion of the training, participants are given the opportunity to sign an Ability Ally pledge and receive an Ability Ally placard to proudly display (full attendance is required).

Students: Please note, you must attend the entire training in order to receive verfication of attendance. 

Feel free to bring your lunch!

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Friday, February 9, 2018 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM